It is important to have professional standards that provide guidelines for acceptable behaviour and social responsibilities in a business. Here you will find my professional goals and rules of conduct.

  • Make it Hard Now and Easy Later. Taking the time to do the right processes and correct research first helps prevent mistakes that might show up later on.
  • Transparent Customer Experience. Building trust is about being authentic, empathetic and honest. My goal is to create confidence in my services while providing a positive, painless experiences for you as my client.
  • Design with a Purpose. Graphic Design is the art of visual communication. I strive to create helpful, informative design that will establish meaningful, positive change for you and your brand.

I am a Provisional RGD

As a member of the Registered Graphic Designers Association (RGD), I am obligated to follow the rules of conduct and abide by the terms of my Provisional RGD designation.

  • Rule 1: I am committed to meeting the professional standards of the graphic design industry and working towards the betterment of the profession across Canada and internationally.
  • Rule 2: I will engage in the practice, management, and/or instruction of graphic design in an ethical and lawful manner.
  • Rule 3: I will act in the best interest of my clients and/or employers, within the limits of these Rules.
  • Rule 4: I will strive to act in the best interest of consumers and society.
  • Rule 5: I will meet financial obligations, respect lawful contracts, and be bound by provisions in all agreements.
  • Rule 6: I will ensure I receive compensation for graphic design services that I provide except for pro bono work.
  • Rule 7: I will respect the intellectual property rights of others.
  • Rule 8: I will uphold my intellectual property rights unless I have negotiated a transfer of them to another party.

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